Friday, 4 October 2013

Seamed stockings! Hips and curves review....

I love vintage details in outfits, be it a red lip or victory roll. It continues into my clothes and, to me, autumn means one thing. Stocking and suspender weather!! I love them under pencil skirts and I pair them with my fantastic 6 strap suspender belt. 4 straps are simply not enough on these thunder thighs so I do advise any plus size babes out there look them up. A thicker belt is lovely too! Mine is this item from Hips and Curves.
The Hush, Hush Sweet Garter. It is fab! I cannot sing it's praises enough!

 It sits well on my tummy and thighs and does not dig in or create lumps and bumps. It works with my curves rather than against, as many slimmer garter belts do. The thicker straps hold onto stockings brilliantly and give an amazingly sexy vintage look! By far my favourite investment from Hips and Curves.

They are also my go-to for stockings. With stockings I have never had luck. They cut into my thighs, they wrinkle at the ankle and I tend to put a fingernail or ring through them. A graceful vintage lady, I am not!

I tried many a company that boasted about their "Plus size!!!!" stockings and every time they let me down. A heads up for those companies, a size 12/14 is not plus size, nor does that give you an allowance to say your stockings are for EVERYONEEEE size 16-24. Come on now, stop these lies.... *grumpy eye roll*
That was until I discovered Hips and Curves! I could not have ordered their beautiful seamed stockings and above belt fast enough. And I was not let down. Their back seam stockings were beautiful on. They glided up my leg and clipped onto my garter belt without my thighs trying to escape. They were beautiful quality and survived nights out with me, Alyson the Queen of ruining stockings. I actually still have pairs from over a year ago. The seam was easy to line up especially as they are not made of angel hairs like some others seem to be. 


I love these stockings and do encourage everyone to check them out. They are of beautiful quality unlike some of the cheaper, tighter, bbw aimed stockings that one finds on lesser sites. My only personal issue is with the crazy P&P prices for us UK based babes but they have assured me this will be changing soon so do check them out and feel free to let them know you would be keen to buy with a change in postage. 

Now, someone take me out for an autumn drink to heat me up in my stockings.

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