Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Have an Autumn/Winter (highland) fling. Tartan Trend and Collectif review.

Tartan is a trend that seems to pop up every other Autumn/Winter. It is paired with chunky knits and chapped lips, it works well in colder weather and pops a little well-needed colour into wardrobes. It has been seen in many collections this year and shops seems to be lapping it up.


                                                               Clements Ribeiro

Marc Jacobs

I have to say, I have always avoided it until now. I worried about looking too "schoolgirl" as well as the panic about bold prints on my figure.But since giving into my love of eye catching prints and giving up my worry about what others think, I have decided to try and work it into my wardrobe. My item of choice is the Collectif  "Polly Paddington check" pencil skirt. I have always loved Collectif's skirts and was excited to receive my package. I loved the outfit that they had styled their model in and decided to pair mine with black items as well. 

With most images of tartan on fashion blogs being on slim ladies, I wanted to show how it would work on a larger figure and how to flatter curves with such a print. I wanted to try something new and after hunting down a tartan pencil skirt with a nice print, I wanted to have the look I had built up for myself in my head. I chose to test out the item with a nosey in town and drinks with friends. The skirt was beautiful to wear. The moment I put it on I was in love. I felt so autumn-y and it was great quality. Thanks to the skirt being slightly snugger where my waist dips rather than being straight up and down, It fitted me well where some other pencil skirts fail.  I am only over 5 foot and the length was great on me, but for you leggy babes, I measured it as 25 inches.

I chose to wear it with a black knitted top and thick tights, but it would be so workable with bare legs and many other tops in summer or with a lovely, cosy jumper when we hit winter. I was a bit let down by my outfit not looking how I had planned but that blame falls on the top, a back of the wardrobe item from years ago, rather than the skirt. I also wore it with a big winter coat but realised, mid alyson-parboil, that it may be autumn but it is simply not that cold yet. In future though, it will look beautiful peaking out of a coat.

The wear of a pencil skirt is where the review really comes into play. Time and time again I have seen lesser pencil skirts sag around the waist during the time it is worn and it looks, quite simply, bad. But this skirt did not fail me, it kept it's shape well and looked good until bedtime. I feel it could be a little more snug as I chose a  UK 18 but a UK 16 may be too tight on my rump. This is a personal butt problem and not Collectif's fault but do ensure you wash it well. Of course I have a little tum in the sideways picture but it did not feel as though I was lumpy, if that makes sense to you? I feel a decent pair of pants and tights yanked up over would secure any jiggle, but hey! A little VBO never harmed anyone!
1. look at your belly.
2. say “wow this is a cute belly!”
3. congratulations you have a cute belly.
4. Visible Belly Outline is fine :)

This is one of the nicest items of clothing I have bought from Collectif and I hope their 2013 Autumn/Winter items to come are just as beautiful! I would buy this skirt in every print available for the material and cut alone and would recommend it for all the curvy ladies. Perfect for a hot chocolate this Autumn. Just wait until it is chilly enough before you wear a coat...

Alyson xo

Skirt: Collectif.
Top: H&M (old stock)
100000 denier tights: Primark.
Tiny tool box photobombing picture: Trevor's.


  1. You look great! I'm a sucker for plaid/tartan :/

    1. thank you. I love it! I need more now haha xx