Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A day in heels, the wedding special!

If there is one thing that strikes fear into me it is a day spent in heels... Well, okay, a day in heels does not scare me as much as say, one of those palm sized spiders in my shed or looking at my paypal account after a boredom-fuelled online shop, BUT! I do worry about how grumpy I am going to get in heels. Especially without my "tequila insoles."

I thought one of the best tests of a heel and a brilliant way to show you some lovely images was to tell you about a best friend's wedding. I was honoured to be part of their day and after a year, turning into a month, turning into weeks and shrinking into the smallest details, we had one thing left. The bridesmaid shoes!

Now, I never knew there were so many shades of gold, nude, beige, variations of shimmer, plain, silk, midi heel, strappy, arghhhh! We saw so many and still were yet to find the shoe. That is until a bridesmaid found them. Nine West Glamsgal2 in champagne. Perfect!

They went perfectly with the dress colour and style wise. Not too high, not too flat and on sale! We tried them on and they were a lovely fit bar the high rise back. For anyone who wants to try these shoes we tried and tested heel grips that solved the problem! Look for cushioned heel grips and cut them to size and dance the night away. These shoes lasted us all day. From nerve settling bubbles with the beautiful bride in the morning to tackling the seemingly long journey down the aisle and onwards to the pictures we were comfortable. We wore them for more bubbles (what a hard life), dinner, more drinks and dancing and they were on us throughout. They had the perfect vintage look we wanted and lasted all day on 4 ladies who may have otherwise wanted to kick our heels off after a few hours.

No shoes are pain free after a whole day on your feet (except maybe crocs? I wonder how champagne, glitzy crocs would have went down...?) but these, for me, win all sorts of wedding awards. I suggest you wear any wedding shoes in your home before the big day. No knocking about in the garden of course! But wear your heels, break them in a little, check for any areas that rub and solve these problems BEFORE the big day. Wear big socks over the heels if you can. You will of course look like an ejit, but you will stop any scuffs! Just do not scare the postie with this post-modern fashion choice.

Nine west get my thumbs up for any future formal or wedding shoe and they have so many to chose from. Being a bargain hunter I do suggest you hunt around and look for any sales or offers but do try them on in the shop, or if ordering online make sure you can try and return for what you paid if they do not suit. Pre-plan your whole outfit and do not neglect your shoes! Those perfect shoes in the box, if not tried and tested, may end up ruining your day. No one wants sore feet, especially when there is so much dancing to be done!

 If you have a big day coming up;
  • Get the best-fitting high heel possible. It seems like a given but how many shoes have you worn where your foot slides or is squeezed? Be honest....
  • Opt for open toed if you can. It relieves some pressure on your feet.
  • Break in your shoes!
  • Solve any issues you find. Cushioned heel grips and insoles help!
  • Put them on last minute. There is no point wearing them all morning pre-event!
  • Keep hydrated.
  • Sit down when you can and enjoy yourself.
And if it all gets too much.... feel free to bring flats to change into! Although, maybe find some that match a little bit more...

Now, a wedding post would not be a wedding post without some swooning over the Bride and her dress. Enjoy some Jenny Packham and lovely wedding details!
Alyson xo

Bridesmaid shoes- Nine West.
Wedding dress- Jenny Packham.
Brides shoes- Jimmy Choo.
Bridesmaid dresses- Handmade by Natalie's lovely mummy in law.
Some photographs- Jake Samuels.


  1. Wow you all looked beautiful. Looked like a fabulous day :) x

    1. It was fantastic! I have another bridesmaid event coming up too! All the weddings <3 xx