Saturday, 28 September 2013

Getting to know you...

It has been pointed out to me that in my excitement at starting my blog I did not introduce myself. How rude of me, let me try to sum myself up.

I feel as if I have been invited to a party where I don’t know many people and I am standing here with a drink and feeling super awkward. I always find it easy to write about clothes and advice but left to speak about myself I usually mumble a few things about my age and my dog. (Her name is Bettie Mae and she is a dogs trust rescue by the way.)

I am Alyson, I am 26, I listen to Dolly Parton too much, I wear lipstick everyday and I live in Northern Ireland. I work in Ann Summers and I LOVE it because it gives me an excuse to talk about underwear every day. I started my blogspot as my tumblr posts about fatshion (fat fashion for those not down with the kidz) always seemed to be popular. I decided to tear myself away from cat gifs and Harry Potter fandom posts to create a slightly more grown up blog about fashion and my experience with it while being plus sized. Plus what size? Who knows. But I do know that after years of hunting down certain clothes, having horrible experiences in some shops and dressing rooms becoming torture chambers, it would have been lovely to have someone point me in the right direction. Someone to tell me which brands are curve friendly, what works and what does not and someone to point out ALL SIZES ARE BABELY! If you came here from Tumblr, you know a bit more. If not, you will get to know me!

It was a journey to feeling good about myself and a tough one at that. Like many other girls I spent my life bombarded with images of perfect bodies and always looked at my own and groaned. Questioning why I could not wear that brightly patterned outfit, while hiding away in baggy jumpers and jeans. I ached to try daring looks, wear that red lippy and strut down the street. But I was scared. No sugar coating it. I was scared of what others would think, what would I do if they looked at me?? *shock horror*
But after a while I began to I wore that lippy. I walked with my head high and my heels higher. I began to realise that confidence, even if faked to begin with, stopped me from caring what others thought. It is a great feeling when you stop seeking the approval of others. I want to help anyone else in my position see that. I want to write as if 18 year old Alyson is reading this. And I plan to.

I am body positive. And that means all sizes. I refuse to listen to this "Only men like bones!" rubbish as it is as damaging as any negative comment made towards larger ladies. We need unity and we need to understand that we all have struggles with our body. We need to support each other in order to change things up a bit for ourselves and future generations.

I want to use this blog to review clothing and lingerie items, various stores and also find some tips and tricks for dealing with various curve induced issues...with perhaps a little humour along the way. I hope you will stick with me and enjoy what I write, I hope I help and I hope I encourage you all to try new looks and love yourself a bit more. Lots of love, Alyson xo

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