Thursday, 26 September 2013

My "Go-to" Item.....

Everyone has them. Those items of clothing that, no matter how rushed you are or how bad a "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!" moment you are having, are always there. They fit, they flatter and they just work.

One of my go to items is my Collectif "Lucille" cherry blouse... My faithful companion throughout many a clothes tantrum. 

Being blessed in the boobs department I find it hard to get a blouse to button up, stay buttoned and not do that annoying gape that a lot of shirts and blouses do. (Why oh why?) Some shirts have let me down in the past, performing their own impromptu striptease, sending buttons across the room and making me blush. Some have simply refused to button, despite being baggy elsewhere. NIGHTMARE!

That was until I found this little number on a favourite site. Collectif clothing! *insert heavenly, harmonious sounds here* My go-to clothing site, proving me with my go-to blouse! Perfect!

The blouse itself buttons well over my bust, an actual pussy bow blouse for the curvier lady that fits? Amazing. The material is lovely, beautifully coloured, floaty and hangs well. The arms, another area of worry, also sit well! Plenty of room and the princess sleeves add a cutesy touch to this madmen-esque blouse. As seen above, I love it with a pencil skirt, but being my go-to I have found many other ways to wear it. It works well with a swing skirt or even, I imagine, high waisted black trousers. 

My only concern is with the length. Being a vintage reproduction alongside my bust using up a lot of the material, it comes up a tad short. Only a tad and with pencil skirts being higher waisted than most other, it has not been a big issue. I of course continue my childhood tradition of "tuck everything into my tights!" and so, I find it still sits very well. It will forever be my go-to for work, coffee dates and times when I just want to feel nice. Vintage style for buying a loaf of bread? Don't mind if I do! 

So go, busty ladies of the UK and beyond! Find a blouse that sits well and wear it until it falls apart!
That is my plan anyway...
Alyson xo

Shirt- Collectif Lucille blouse.
Pencil skirt in first images- Next.
Swing skirt- Ebay find.
Leopard print coat and bag- New Look
Leopard print shoes- Primada.
Uninterested doggy model- Bettie Mae.


  1. Great blog, love the idea. Looks great too!


    1. Thank you honey! Will keep at it with my dreadful font x