Friday, 25 October 2013

I got my red dress on tonight..... 20th Century Foxy review!

I tend to be the sort of person who barters with themselves.... "I need that dress", rather than "I want that dress." I try to buy only items I will wear and that will flatter by body. I try to control myself around beautiful dresses and watch them sit in my wishlist.

BUT! When I see one of those dresses, no other item will match up, hang on my figure or be good enough. I justify it's price with "But If I wore it ten times it would only cost £10 a time..." or "I need to build up my vintage reproduction wardrobe, it is an investment!"

But in reality I just think "sod it!", treat myself and click buy. Thank goodness that I spend my money on very little else and save up for these items because when I fall for them, I fall hard.

And that was definitely the case for 20th Century Foxy's 1950s Wrap Circle Dress. *swoon* I was in love! I needed that dress and this feeling was magnified by the fact the company had used a beautiful plus sized model to show the dress off. Brilliant move 20th Century! I am not here to review websites but when selling dresses it is amazing when some chose to show their dresses on various shapes. Refreshing and fantastically body positive! Now, back to my one true love. I took on extra temp work because I was impatient and could not wait until payday for this dress and when it arrived, my actions were justified. The feeling of the material alone blew most other dresses out of the water. The website tells me it is a Rayon/Poly/Elastene mix but it feels like pure luxury. The red is a perfect deep, rich hue and matches beautifully with a blood red lip.

The weight means it drapes perfectly and falls over your shape just how you want it too. It is not stiff nor overly stretchy, it is just perfect. When on, the material and cut sit brilliantly over every ripple or curve and as an H cup I can 100% recommend it for fellow busty ladies. It is hard to find a vintage reproduction in this style which is not too tight or showing a little too much. The cut of the neck means you can chose how much to show, depending on the occasion. One of my favourite features is the dipped in cut of the waist. It creates a beautiful hourglass figure and makes you feel like you should be gliding down a red carpet in days of glamour and elegance. It really does change how you hold yourself and it makes me feel so confident every time I slip it on. The sleeves make this dress my choice when I am feeling a little body conscious about my arms but may make it a tad too warm for any summer night out or indeed, a night in a warm setting. But for Autumn or Christmas drinks, this dress is perfection. Especially with a garter belt and stockings! (as seen below he he)

It is one of my most favourite items and I look forward to wearing it more than the nights out at times. It also comes in blue and black and I am promising myself one of those before Christmas. The girls at the website have been a delight every time I have ordered from them and I do feel better knowing my hard earned cash is going into a wonderful company that cares about their items and customers.Check them out ladies. Treat yourself!

Alyson xo

Dress- 20th Century Foxy.
Brooch- War museum item.
Stockings and garter belt- Hips and curves as reviewed before.
Heels- Dunnes. (It was a delightful surprise!)


  1. I love the way this dress sits perfectly on you. You really do look stunning and the fact that you love wearing it really comes across in the photos.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

  2. Wow, you look amazing. Flattering dress!

  3. That dress, those shoes, those suspenders and stockings are the full item! You're exquisite. Stay lovely!

    1. Oh, and did I forget to mention your lovely hair, eye makeup and of course beautiful smile? Please keep the classic styles alive, especially hosiery, since I'm in that line here in the states.

  4. Damn that upskirt is really hot ...