Friday, 15 November 2013

Dotty about polka dots....

Polka dots are always a winner in my book. I love how playful and sweet they make an outfit and their perfect vintage feel.  My wardrobe is bursting with polka dot items and I have loved them since I was 17 and stopped being the punkiest kid on the block. The moment I saw the Betty Lou Doll Polka Dot Chiffon Dress on the Collectif website I was already imagining what shoes I would wear with it (the ever perfect ballet pumps from H&M...) and how I would style my hair. It gave me the feel of apple pie making and going on a picnic rather than a tipsy night out. It was a beautiful day dress and just what I needed. I am always wary of buttons on large busts and so, I decided to size up to a 20 rather than my usual 18. I wanted this dress to be girly and for me to tiptoe about in it without flashing boob so I felt if it was a little loose on the bust, this would be best. So I waited patiently on my little pink parcel...

When it arrived, I was not disappointed. It felt heavy enough to drape beautifully and the material was lovely. With a lighter chiffon layer over the top of the pale green built in skirt, the dress was perfect to twirl in and skimmed over my hips and bum. The collar and cuffs sat as they should, a problem I have had with some shirt dresses in the past. I was right in sizing up for the buttons to sit over my ample bust and the belt meant that the extra material around my waist could be pulled in. With my shape I am used to this and Collectif were not at fault. Sizing up to suit my bust I sometimes have extra waist material and a belt fixes this. The belt is my one issue with this dress. It is a simple pull and tuck piece of material with no belt loops to actually hold it, and it being chiffon it slides out constantly. I corrected this with a safety pin to hold, but I feel for the price this belt could easily be more practical. Perhaps this is not a problem with slim girls but for me, I would pay extra for a working belt in the same material. I have tried it with a plain black belt and it looks good and works, but I should not need to DIY my dresses.

Wear ability wise, it is perfect. I wore it out to lunch and had lots of compliments. It moves just right and is very comfortable. I wore it with flats but it would also work with smaller heels. I feel any higher heels would ruin the daytime look. The belt sits in the right area to allow the skirt to drape and I am very impressed with this Collectif piece. I would definitely wear it in other colours and collar styles and would suggest anyone pondering over it bite the bullet and have a dress in your wardrobe spring ready. Saying that, with the double materials, with a pair of tights this could become winter proof. A cardigan and suitable shoes and this could be a year-round dress.

The weather outside may be frightful, but I am prepared for spring with my Betty Lou Doll Polka Dot Chiffon Dress from Collectif. I wore it in our last trickle of sun and I cannot wait for the warmer months again to twirl around in it.

Dress- Collectif
Pumps- H&M
Hair flowers- H&M